I Am Happiest When [No.13]

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Happiness is free

I heard an analogy recently about water and happiness.  That we’ve all been sold a bill of goods that happiness is like bottled water – the freshest, most thirst quenching and delicious water can only be found in a bottle, produced by a specialist company who sells it to us at a hugely inflated price.

It’s nonsense.

Happiness is not purchaseable.  In fact, the “best” happiness is free.

And we all have a source of this “best” happiness in our own backyards.  A “hidden spring in your own back yard which continually bubbles forth with an endless supply of pure, delicious water completely uncontaminated by the excesses of the modern world“.

And once you know you have this hidden spring of pure delicious water… of pure delicious happiness… you can tap into it anytime.

No bottled water required, ever again.

(and thank you Michael Neil for this fabulous analogy,  you can read the original story here)

If my sharing of my experiments with happy inspires you to have your own experiments with happiness, and to discover what makes you happier, more often, that will make me very happy.

I am happiest when (#13):

I explore in a pre-loved store

My goal with My Year Without Clothes Shopping was not to eradicate shopping from my life – it was to become more mindful in the shopping that I choose to do, and for it truly to be a choice, not a compulsion.  So I still enjoy shopping (within the parameters I set for myself, to set me up to succeed to be the conscious shopper I want to be). I especially enjoy shopping in pre-loved stores.  It feels like a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll find.  And even if you don’t find anything you want to buy (sometimes especially when you don’t find anything you want to buy), it can be a visual treat.

Pre-loved stores - a treasure hunt!

Pre-loved stores – a treasure hunt!

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