The Impact of Fast Fashion

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A short and impactful video describing how cheap styles that bring catwalk fashions to the masses in staggering short time periods (weeks – not months which was the timeframe for fashion cycles in previous years).

In an engaging, let’s-watch-it-again style, this video outlines just two impacts of fast fashion but they’re devastating:

1.  Excess – poor quality, mass produced stuff we’re not even sure we want or can ever wear, leading us as purchasers to have a disposable attitude toward the items we buy.

2.  The environment – 2million tonnes of waste of a year and about the same again in tossed out clothing (there’s that disposable attitude in action).  That’s a good reason to take a breathe and stop the intake.

And it ends on a positive note – one of the results arising from the increasing and worrying trend toward faster fashion has been the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan – 300 retailers have already signed on.


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