The Difference Between Personal and Signature Style

Posted by Jill Chivers in Fashion, Style and Shopping, Videos

Personal style is of great interest to me.  Personal style is exactly that – personal to you.  Unique to you.  Nobody but you needs to see the beauty and magic in your personal style.  That’s one of its hallmarks.  And one of its beauties.

Personal style is an inside job.  It’s something you create for yourself and it comes from within you.  It is an expression of who you are, so the genesis of true personal style is an interior journey.

Personal style isn’t purchased in a store – you can’t buy it.  Sure you can buy individual pieces that contribute to your personal style, but the style itself is not for sale.

I share more on my thoughts about personal style in this guest blog post for Geralin Thomas on her fabulous blog, Managing Modern Life – click here to read.

My friend and colleague Imogen Lamport, from another fabulous blog, Inside Out Style Blog, and I talk about personal style – what it is and how you can develop yours, and how it differs from your signature style.  Click on the video to watch.

And click here to learn more about Signature Style!

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