No Repeat November Style Challenge

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I’m delighted to support and be part of Imogen Lamport’s No Repeat November Style Challenge.

Are you joining us?

No Repeat November is all about shopping your wardrobe — hey, there’s something I’m passionate about!  This is a style challenge I can really get into!

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The purpose

The purpose of No Repeat November is to get you wearing more of what you already have.  If it’s true that most women only ever wear 10%-20% of their entire wardrobe (and at workshops and speaking gigs, that statistic is greeted with almost the entire room of raised hands), then November is a great time to get those numbers higher!

Your challenge – if you choose to accept it

Imogen is challenging us to work our wardrobes much harder than we normally do. I consider myself fairly well established on the shopping my wardrobe front, but I accept this challenge!  I’m going to work my wardrobe harder than it usually gets worked!

You know I talk a lot about tapping into the hidden magic and mileage within your wardrobe and that’s what this style challenge is all about.

If you’ve found yourself in something of a style rut as you think about what you have, then join us on this challenge and discover new and interesting ways you can wear the items you already have.

The rules are simple

Don’t wear the same garments, shoes and accessories in the same complete outfit more than once in November.

You can wear garments multiple times, but something about the outfit has to change each time. It could be wearing a different top or bottom, a different shoe, scarf or necklace.

You can share your pictures on Imogen’s Facebook page (Bespoke Image) and my Facebook page (Shop Your Wardrobe), or share on your own and link to us.

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