Which program should I do?

We have three key programs:

  1. The 6 Week Conscious Clothes Shopping Mini Course. This is a sensational short course that introduces you to the principles of conscious clothes shopping. Read all about it and sign up here.
  2. The 23 Day Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop. This short program provides 28 days of enlightening content designed to help you tap into the hidden mileage – and magic – in your existing wardrobe. Read more and sign up here.
  3. The 12 month My Year Without Clothes Shopping program. The FAQ you’re reading now, and many other pages on this site (such as this one which lays out the 6 pieces of the overshopping puzzle, and this one which gives you details on each of the 12 themes covered in the 12 months), will give you all the information you need about this program. This is our flagship program – unmatched by any other we know of in the world. You can sign up for this program here.

If you’re interested in conscious shopping, start with the Mini Course.

If you are not wearing nearly enough of your current wardrobe and would love to know how to shop less and have more style, try the Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop.

If you’re serious about creating a healthier relationship to shopping, yourself, your wardrobe and your wallet – sign up for My Year Without Clothes Shopping.

For more detail, check out the Compare Programs page.

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