When should I start My Year Without Clothes Shopping challenge?

There is no perfect time to start your year without clothes shopping program.  Sometimes trying to find the ‘perfect’ time is just another way of procrastinating. There will likely never be a perfect time to start the challenge — so choose a date that makes sense for you, commit to that and just start.

Here’s a suggestion for you when thinking about when to start your own Year: One of our recent members started her Year on her birthday. She gave this program to herself as a birthday gift. She did this because she had previously started a “Do It Yourself” challenge of a year without clothes shopping on January 1, and had failed by the time Valentines Day rolled around mid February.

Rather than continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result (the definition of insanity), she did three things differently. These things changed everything for her:

  1. She picked a date that was personally meaningful to her to start such an important challenge: her birthday.
  2. She joined this program which gave her the structure, motivation, content and support she needed – knowing she would not be able to do this on her own (she’d tried that before, and it hadn’t worked).
  3. And finally, she reframed this challenge as a gift to herself – an investment in her mental, physical, financial and emotional health.

She is now a very proud alumni of My Year Without Clothes Shopping and reports feeling free and alive in a way she hasn’t experienced in years!

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