What should I expect from the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program?

What you get out of the 12 month program depends on how you approach it. The program is designed for you to interact with it – not just scan the material. Any form of improvement in your relationship to shopping, yourself, your wardrobe and your wallet will ultimately come down to you. What I can do, and have done with the program’s design and flow, is to give you the tools to motivate yourself.

The program is organized into 12 themes – one for each month. You can read about each of the themes here. We also have more detail about the program here.

What makes this program unique is how the content has been organized and pulled together. It is a program, not just a one-off download. You’ll find the material very accessible, because its delivered in manageable pieces every week throughout the year.

We’ve organized the material to make it oh so easy for you to access and take action on.

In addition to that, consider that you’ll be getting access to the most amazing faculty, each experts in their own field. Their material has been specifically organized around the Year Without Clothes Shopping theme, in an easy-to-access format. You won’t find this collection of experts in one place anywhere else.

We’ve done the hard work for you with this program’s design. We’ve compiled relevant, rich and rewarding material in a weekly tutorial format. Whether you want to radically cut down on your over-spending, or take the full challenge of a year without clothes shopping – let’s do this together!

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