Shopping for clothes is kind of traumatic for me, so I’m not really what you would call a shopaholic. What would I get out of this program?

It’s a myth that all women love shopping and all women love clothes. I’ve learned that a good proportion of women don’t like shopping or clothes. This program may still be good fit for you.

If you do not know the building blocks to creating a working wardrobe (such as if you don’t know what styles and colours suit you… what fabrics wear well on your shape… what ‘gaps’ you have in your wardrobe… how to maximise what you already have by mixing and matching well… how to organise what you have so it supports and inspires your clothing choices every day)…. in short – if you don’t have a wardrobe that works harder than you do … or if you’d like to understand your relationship to money and your spending habits better…. this program will have a lot in it for you.

A lot of women are overwhelmed by the choices they are faced with in clothing and department stores. They’re confused about what will suit them, afraid of wasting money, and have no time for squandering in shops. They don’t know how to set their closets up so they feel like they can ‘shop’ in them. All those things (and so much more) are addressed in this online program.

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