How much will I save?

Every person’s savings is going to be different. Here’s a rough guideline on how to work out what you’re likely to save. Add up what you are spending per week or month on clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags and all other adornments of the body (include fabric, beads, etc). Multiply that by 52 (or 12 if you did a monthly guestimate) and you’ll have the ballpark number of what you’re likely to save during the year by doing this program.

It could be hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. It may be that what you are spending in a week will more than cover the cost of tuition.

But that’s just the beginning of what you’ll save. The other part of the equation is what you’ll save after the program is finished. Because you’ll know the building blocks to creating a truly working wardrobe … because you will have explored your relationship to money … because you will understand the emotional and psychological drivers of your shopping … because you’ll know the true options you have in shopping consciously … because you’ll be able to organise your wardrobe so you can truly shop your wardrobe …because you will have developed a healthier relationship to shopping, in your own terms …. because you’ll know all these things and much, much more – your investment in this program will pay dividends long after the last lesson is delivered to your inbox.

This program provides you with material — tools, illustrations and resources — that you can use over and over again, long past the last day of your challenge.

This program is also an investment. An investment in you, your wardrobe, your finances, your emotional and psychological health. We give you so much in this program to set you up to succeed. The tuition cost is an incredibly small outlay in comparison to what you’ll receive in return.

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