How much time will My Year Without Clothes Shopping take each week?

This is an excellent question, because the program will take some time each week. Change is a process, not an event, and you’ll need to dedicate some time each week to interact with the material and do the activities.

Some of our members spend over an hour each week on the material (the Weekly Lesson and Resource). Others spend about an hour, sometimes a little less.

The material you’ll be receiving each week is relevant, engaging and thorough – and you’ll want to be reading it all and doing the exercises. So, yes, there is time involved each week for you to get any value out of this program. Any quality program requires that you spend time engaging with the material and making it your own.

Think of how much time you’re spending shopping now – either physically in the stores, or online, and include window shopping and just looking/surfing. Tote it up to get a rough estimate of how much of your time you’re putting into shopping pursuits, on a weekly basis, now.

Research suggests that the “average” shopper spends a couple of hours each week shopping in the mall or online – buying or ‘just looking’. So it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the “average” shopaholic or overspender is spending much more time than that a week in shopping pursuits.

One way of looking at the time you’ll want to invest in this program is: use the time that you previously spent in shopping pursuits to read the Weekly Lessons and do the activities/exercises in the Weekly Resources. You’ll likely have time to spare! (and like our current members, you’ll also feel much, much better about yourself).

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