Can I shop, just a little bit, while I’m on the program? This is the main thing holding me back from signing up!

We understand that women join the program for many and varied reasons. Some join because they want to maximise their current wardrobes – they know they have some good pieces but they’re not sure how to make the most of them. They know this program will walk them through the building blocks to creating a wonderful working wardrobe.

Others join because they want to radically cut down on their shopping, a problem they may have been dealing with for years, decades sometimes. They know this program explores the emotional and psychological reasons that we shop, and gently but firmly takes them through an understanding of how money fits into the picture.

And some join because the spirit and the specific parameters of the challenge are what they want – they want to have a year without clothes shopping. They know this program covers the jigsaw puzzle of over-shopping like no other program in the world, delivered by the most phenomenal faculty you can imagine assembled.

You’ll join for your own reasons. We know that. We’re cool with that.

We’re equally up front that this program is designed around the concept of a year without clothes shopping. That said, the spirit of the challenge can be upheld even if the specific rules aren’t always strictly applied for all members.

We don’t call you up to the front of the class at any time and ask you to report in. The program is based on the premise that you’re self-motivated and committed to a year without clothes shopping – however you apply that to your specific circumstances.

Our suggestion – during and post- challenge — is “borrow rather than buy, swap rather than shop”. So during the year, we also suggest clothes swaps and borrowing from friends and family as another way to add necessary items to your wardrobe during the year without buying new.

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