How to be More Creative with Your Wardobe

Getting dressed should be fun and an enjoyable part of your day.  No matter where you work or what you do, adding some creativity and fun into getting dressed (even if it’s just the weekend or out of work hours) is possible for all of us! Here are my top 3 tips for dressing more […]

The Art of Breaking the Rules

Style rules are meant to be broken, and some of the best dressed women in the world, certainly some of the most interestingly and authentically dressed women in the world, dress to the beat of their own drum. They don’t follow a formula. They don’t dress according to a dogma. They break all kinds of style […]

Discovering Your Signature Style

If you’d love to develop your own signature style, something I’d encourage you to do (and you can learn more about my own signature style, and that of my friend and colleague Imogen Lamport, here),  then this video takes you through a short process you can use to explore and develop your very own signature style.  

Signature Style

I’ve talked before about personal style – what it is and why it can’t be purchased in a store. And I’ve explored the difference between personal style and signature style. And in this post, I want to share with you more about signature style.  In this video, Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style Blog and […]

The Difference Between Personal and Signature Style

Personal style is of great interest to me.  Personal style is exactly that – personal to you.  Unique to you.  Nobody but you needs to see the beauty and magic in your personal style.  That’s one of its hallmarks.  And one of its beauties. Personal style is an inside job.  It’s something you create for […]

Fabulous Fashionistas

This documentary trailer showcases six women with an average age of mid 80s and their fabulous approach to style, aging and being gorgeous.  Along with Advanced Style, this would have to be one of the most inspirational and relevant pieces I have come across in recent times when it comes to true style, living life in […]

My Favourite Shopping Tips

I spoke at a professional organisers conference recently and was asked to provide my top shopping tips.  Apart from a grammatical misstep at the beginning (yes, I noticed it when I watched it too), here are my top 5 shopping tips Have a plan and learn how to shop better Have a budget + use […]

We Don’t Wear What We Can’t See: The Importance of an Organised Wardrobe

Why is having an organised wardrobe essential to shopping in it?  What are a professional organiser’s top tips for organising your wardrobe?  And how do you get started with organising your wardrobe? For many women who overshop, or have overshopped, one of the reasons they continue to add, add, add is because they can’t see […]

The Three Stages of Conscious Shopping

In this video post, Imogen Lamport, my friend and colleague, discuss conscious shopping . I meet many women who want to shop better, shop smarter, and shop with less hassle.  They want to feel good about the shopping they choose to do. In this video we discuss what conscious shopping is, the three stages of […]