Talking with Imogen Lamport about Shopping Your Wardrobe

In this in-depth discussion, Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style Blog and I discuss my book, Shop Your Wardrobe, and our shared love and enduring interest in style and how shopping your wardrobe can be a key strategy you use to have more fun with your style. Watch the Video Please note that the video […]

Talking Live about Overshopping

I was interviewed by Dr Robi Ludwig in her Talking Live series about the book and overshopping as an issue and its disruptive effect on my life, and so many lives.  One of the best interviews I have ever done, you can watch the interview in full here.  

Preloved: The Story of My Life

I was chosen to be the subject of a hybrid documentary created by Australia’s premier film school, AFTRS. You can read about the journey of my being the subject of this documentary in this three-part blog post starting here. The finished hybrid documentary, called Preloved (such a marvellous and evocative name for this film, and meaningful in […]

No Body Is Perfect

This video made me cry.  It touched something magical and vulnerable within me. The video was made by an organisation called Pro Infirmis, who work with those who are non able bodied (they call them disabled, a term that seems to be politically incorrect in many circles these days). This video shows the making of […]

Age and Beauty

The team that brought us Advanced Style has created this marvellous short video, showcasing older women with tremendous style. They are so comfortable in their own skin, they are so delightful to listen to (short pithy wisdom is some of my favourite kind of wisdom) and they are a visual treat. And they’re all over […]

What is Style? Iris Apfel Interview

This short but punchy interview with Iris Apfel had a real impact on me.  She doesn’t say too much – her answers are quite short, but full of wisdom.  Iris Apfel really came to prominence, in a global way, in 2005, when she was 83.  That is one of the stunning aspects of Ms Apfel’s life – […]

Getting the Most From Your Accessories: Scarves in Summer

In this video with Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style Blog, we talk about how to get the most out of your accessories and in particular, wearing scarves in summer. Many of us don’t immediately think of scarves as the ‘go to’ accessory for summer – it adds another layer, and we think it’s going […]

Getting the Most From Your Accessories: Layering Necklaces

In this short video with Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style blog, we talk about one way you can add more interest and variety to your accessorizing, and in particular, how to layer necklaces. Too often, we allow ourselves to get bored with our accessories – we only ever wear them one way, and we […]

You Are Beautiful

In this beautiful short video, we are reminded with words, images and music of our essential beautifulness.  Thank you to the creator of this exquisite video, Karen Walrond from The Beauty of Different, for creating this video (and the book). You are beautiful.  Exactly as you are, who you are, today. Top 10 things to remember […]

Why Your Clothes are Not Like Fine China

Your clothes are not fine china – you don’t have to keep them “for good”.  Which is what so many of us do – we assign some of our clothing as being “For Good Only” and those items simply don’t get as much wear as they should. From a “cost per wear” perspective, these clothes […]