Simple Truths

16 Simple Truths About Happiness

  I have been studying happiness for a while. My motivation for focusing on and exploring happiness was being deeply and seemingly chronically unhappy. It’s hard to admit you’ve been unhappy for an extended period of time, but what that admission allowed me to do was to take a clear step into the landscape of […]

14 Simple Truths About Conscious Consumption

Conscious shopping is about feeling good about the shopping you do before, during and after every shopping trip you take. Conscious shopping is about making purchasing choices that you feel good about, and that make complete sense on a number of levels: Practical – I need and will use this, this purchase makes sense Financial […]

9 Simple Truths About Hope

Hope is a vital part of living. I have been fascinated by hope in the last year or so especially, and here’s some things I have noticed. A life without hope is one that literally feels like it’s not worth living. Hope is the difference between the light and the dark. Hope is not about […]

7 Simple Truths About Money

Ah, money. Even just the sight of it can interrupt our nervous system, can’t it? Perhaps your heart is beating faster, or your palms are starting to become clammy, just looking at the word money. Here’s 7 simple truths about money: Money – the concept and the reality – is a part of all of […]

12 Simple Truths About Getting Older

Have you noticed the growing anti-aging movement? I have, and it worries me. Getting older is a natural part of life. It’s normal, expected, and an important part of this great journey we call life. Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting worse. The anti-aging movement seems to presuppose this is the case, which is […]

14 Simple Truths About Preloved Shopping

  I loved preloved shopping. It was one of my favourite formats to shop in, and I still enjoy it from time to time, although quite differently to when I was shopping in my unconscious shopping days. All that time spent in preloved stores has led me to these 14 simple truths about pre-loved shopping: […]

10 Simple Truths About Making Mistakes

Mistakes. I’ve made a few. But unlike ole blue eyes in the classic song, unfortunately they haven’t been too few to mention. Here’s what I’ve learned about making mistakes. We all make mistakes. Yes, every single human on the planet has made mistakes of one kind or another. Big. Small. Catastrophic. Life ending. Microscopic. Forgettable. […]

9 Simple Truths About Working Wardrobes

  I never thought about my wardrobe as being ‘working’ or otherwise before I started my year without clothes shopping late 2009. Since then, my focus has become very clear that a working wardrobe is what one’s wardrobe should be – it should work. Many women report wearing 10 – 30% of their wardrobes. The […]

12 Simple Truths About Self Care

  Self-care is something I never truly understood for many years. I had no notion of how critical daily self-care is, as a ritual, a habit. And I couldn’t engage in self-care because I was being far too self-critical instead. What I now know about self-care: Self-care is the opposite of self-criticism. You are doing […]

10 Simple Truths About Shopping

I’ve learned a lot about shopping since I started focusing on it 5 years ago. Before that, it was always a part of my life, I just didn’t put any conscious thought or energy into understanding it, or my relationship to it. Here’s 10 things I’ve learned about shopping: Shopping fuels our economy. This is why […]