Shopping Strategies

Why Nothing Will Ever Feel Like Shopping

I’ve met many women who shop too much by their own estimation who say they want to find something that replaces shopping not only in their behaviour but in the hearts and minds as well. They are looking for the high that shopping brings. They’re seeking to get the sizzle, the spice, the excitement, the […]

How to Stop Buying Junk Clothes

Imagine that your object of desire is food, and not clothes, shoes and shopping. Here’s the trap many folks who over eat or eat the wrong foods fall into: they know they should eat healthy, unprocessed, natural food, increase their physical activity, get better sleep, drink more water, and lessen their daily stress.  They know […]

Would You Buy It Again?

One of the reasons we get so bored with our wardrobes is because they have become filled with items that were once terrific but now aren’t for a variety of reasons (they’ve had their day, they fit a life you are no longer living, they fit a body you no longer have, they fit the […]

10 Principles for Creating a Working Wardrobe

This question was put to me recently:  If your wardrobe disappeared overnight — if you lost it all in some freak accident, or you took all your clothing to the laundry and the laundry subsequently burned down, or aliens abducted the contents or your closet, or you had the choice to get rid of it all (every single […]

Stop Shopping, Stupid!

Sometimes you read an article written by someone you respect, who is a respected and established expert, and who puts their thoughts together so eloquently, that it truly makes you stop in your tracks. One such article is by Australian author, thought leader and educator, Clive Hamilton in a new and fabulous magazine called womankind.  […]

“But it only cost….!”

I was out to a ladies lunch not long ago and one of them women there, a vivacious and interesting friend of a friend, was telling us all about a course she’d love to do overseas.  This course was just what she wanted to do to move her career into a new and exciting direction. […]

3 Ways To Make It Stop

In a recent post I asked When does it stop? referring to the constant thinking and planning and searching and strategizing and rationalizing and justifying that goes through the shopaholics mind as she stays on the treadmill of buying more and more. In this post, I’d like to share some ways you can make it stop.  Nobody’s life […]

The Benefits of Shopping

I’ve been reflecting lately about how much I’ve written and shared about the downsides of shopping too much and all the occasions when, even if it seems like it, shopping isn’t the answer. My own journey through the landscape of shopping is marked by very clear passages where I shopped too much, and I shopped […]

The Key to Buying Happiness

A recent article in Psychology Today shared the findings of 3 new studies into buying behaviour.  I love reading about these studies – it’s so intriguing to read about how they set the study up, what its hypothesis was, what the findings were, and what sense we can make of it in our world – […]

Bypassing Buy Now: More Tips to Avoiding Senseless Online Shopping

I’ve come up with another set of three helpful strategies for you to keep your cash, and your cool, when contemplating online shopping. My previous posts on this topics, each with 3 super helpful tips, specific to online shopping, can be found here and here.  You may want to check those out first. Nobody but you can […]