Shopping Messages

The Impact of Fast Fashion

A short and impactful video describing how cheap styles that bring catwalk fashions to the masses in staggering short time periods (weeks – not months which was the timeframe for fashion cycles in previous years). In an engaging, let’s-watch-it-again style, this video outlines just two impacts of fast fashion but they’re devastating: 1.  Excess – poor quality, […]

Loving Fashion Isn’t a Crime

Loving fashion sure isn’t a crime – I agree, Liz! And these things aren’t a crime either but they sure aren’t recommended: Spending money you don’t have… Buying things you don’t need and won’t wear… Shopping mindlessly… Shopping to keep up with the Jones or the Kardashians… Shopping to fill an emotional driver (you don’t […]

How Early Shopping Messages Shape Our Style

I was talking with someone recently about their early shopping and style messages.  They had experienced a very specific set of experiences as a young woman where clothes buying decisions had been taken out of her hands and the clothing she wore was proscribed to her.  This left her with little to no choice in what she […]

Shopping And The Six Human Needs Part 2

What drives human behaviour?  Why do we behave the way we do?  What ‘sits beneath’ our behaviour?  If we don’t understand what drives our own behaviour, and that of others, it’s almost impossible to change or influence that behaviour. Whether you’re a boss, a marketer or a parent (to mention only a small handful of […]

Shopping And The Six Human Needs

What drives human behaviour has long fascinated us – everyone from philosophers, writers, therapists, politicians, comedians, coaches, bosses, parents, spouses, marketers, business owners have been intrigued by what makes people behave the way they do.  In fact, it’s hard to think of a field of human endeavour where some understanding of what drives human behaviour isn’t […]

The Cost of Being a Shopaholic

This infographic was created and is being generously shared by

Your Shopping Year In Review: 15 Questions

The end of the year is a traditional time to take a moment, pause, reflect, and allow some wisdom to surface about the year that has been. I’m seeing quite a few posts and articles around on ways to glean some insight about 2012, and ways to set yourself up for 2013.  I like these […]

Protect Me From What I Want

Earlier this week, I fell down one of the many unsignposted rabbit holes that exist on the Internet, and found myself watching a short video piece about a new Japanese inspired store that sells “high quality” goods of a mind bending variety, all for less than $3. Three enthusiastic shoppers were given the dubious honour […]

Clothes and Misery

When I worked as an image adviser (which was a very short period in my career), one of the things I found most fascinating was how colours and styles are forecast, and the link between world events and those forecasts. You see, it isn’t just a random event that we end up with certain colours […]

Inheriting a Shopping Addiction

Recently I was asked if I thought whether shopping addictions were genetic or learned. The Daily Mail in the UK posted an article about whether shopping behaviours were in the genes.  I’m sure I spelled that last word correctly. It sure sparked some interesting comments on the Daily Mail site, and it must’ve pricked the ears […]