Shopping Messages

Why Nothing Will Ever Feel Like Shopping

I’ve met many women who shop too much by their own estimation who say they want to find something that replaces shopping not only in their behaviour but in the hearts and minds as well. They are looking for the high that shopping brings. They’re seeking to get the sizzle, the spice, the excitement, the […]

The Shoe Queen

An intriguing novel set in 1920s Paris, The Shoe Queen chronicles a fairly tortured and tumultuous period in the life of an English woman of noble birth, Genevieve Shelby King. A self confessed shoe-a-holic, her collection has 523 pairs in it, all lovingly stored in their original boxes and kept in a dedicated shoe room in the […]

The Devious Devices Home Shopping Shows Use To Make You Buy

I’m fascinated by home shopping shows.  Maybe you didn’t know this about me, but its true.  These shows are like watching B comedy movies or classic television shows from the 1970s to me.  They’re an intriguing spectacle, and I often find myself marvelling at what I’m seeing – could they really be saying that?  Don’t […]

Your Precious Life

Sometimes an event happens that makes you stop and rethink everything you ever knew and everything you believe to be true.  The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11 2001 were such a global event. Anyone who has seen the images of that dreadful morning will never forget them.  Nearly […]

Stop Shopping, Stupid!

Sometimes you read an article written by someone you respect, who is a respected and established expert, and who puts their thoughts together so eloquently, that it truly makes you stop in your tracks. One such article is by Australian author, thought leader and educator, Clive Hamilton in a new and fabulous magazine called womankind.  […]

Why We Really Shop

It’s not that revolutionary an idea that our motivations for shopping form a huge part of our buying behaviour. We don’t simply shop for necessity. We don’t just shop for the items we end up taking home in boxes and bags. We shop for a reason! And it is these reasons, the many and many-faceted […]

The Benefits of Shopping

I’ve been reflecting lately about how much I’ve written and shared about the downsides of shopping too much and all the occasions when, even if it seems like it, shopping isn’t the answer. My own journey through the landscape of shopping is marked by very clear passages where I shopped too much, and I shopped […]

Does Size Matter?

Many women worry about the size in the label of the clothing they buy, and have in their wardrobes. It’s like the size on the labels of our clothing is some kind of report card.  The bigger the number, the lower our score. I’ve asked women at workshops, on social media, and at bubbly lunches […]

3 Articles That Made Me Think

I’m fortunate to find articles that write intelligently and thought provokingly on topics of consumption, style, fashion and clothing, body image, and communication.  Three such articles recently have come to my attention and I’d like to share them with you here.   You. Ms Greedy. Just Stop It. This piece by Catherine Deveny, an Australian […]

I Say No!

In a recent ad on Australian television, a 1950s-inspired woman dashes around a Target store, in what can only be described as a frenzied fashion, buying up items for Christmas gifts.  She is seen literally running through the store, bolting in one direction then the next, in a frenetic pursuit of items to purchase.  In […]