Shopping, Clothes and Emotions

Defining Moments and Powerful Choices

We all have moments in our lives when a choice presented itself.  You could choose Door A and all it brings.  You could choose Door B and face those consequences. Some of us were lucky enough to recognise that moment, to see the fork in the road where more than one path was open to […]

Why Nothing Will Ever Feel Like Shopping

I’ve met many women who shop too much by their own estimation who say they want to find something that replaces shopping not only in their behaviour but in the hearts and minds as well. They are looking for the high that shopping brings. They’re seeking to get the sizzle, the spice, the excitement, the […]

How to Stop Buying Junk Clothes

Imagine that your object of desire is food, and not clothes, shoes and shopping. Here’s the trap many folks who over eat or eat the wrong foods fall into: they know they should eat healthy, unprocessed, natural food, increase their physical activity, get better sleep, drink more water, and lessen their daily stress.  They know […]

How Big Is Your Wardrobe?

US photographer Yassine El Mansouri created a fascinating project about people and their clothing.  He invited people to bring into his studio the contents of their entire wardrobes, and to photograph them surrounded by their clothing.   For some photos, he had to use a multi-storey crane to get far enough away from the subject, lying on the floor […]

Your Precious Life

Sometimes an event happens that makes you stop and rethink everything you ever knew and everything you believe to be true.  The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11 2001 were such a global event. Anyone who has seen the images of that dreadful morning will never forget them.  Nearly […]

3 Ways To Make It Stop

In a recent post I asked When does it stop? referring to the constant thinking and planning and searching and strategizing and rationalizing and justifying that goes through the shopaholics mind as she stays on the treadmill of buying more and more. In this post, I’d like to share some ways you can make it stop.  Nobody’s life […]

When Does It Stop?

This post was inspired by a comment made by Renee on my friend Debbie Roes excellent blog, Recovering Shopaholic.  In a post about redefining your style, and the definite downside that can come with that if you have a tendency toward shopping too much, Renee commented with this stop-in-your-path insightful comment and question: “So here’s […]

A Wobbly Moment of Weakness

Readers Note: I wrote this post when I was in the midst of some agitated emotions.  I took the time while was in the eye of the storm, as it were, feeling all those fairly uncomfortable feelings, to sit down and write this, when it was most present, and, I suppose, raw and real.  And […]

Being Perfect

A quick scan of the titles that came up when I did an online search on being perfect, as preparation for writing this piece,  came up with these: Perfection is Overrated – Be Happy Instead I Don’t Believe in Perfect Perfectionists Make Themselves Miserable On the bulletin boards for our premium program, My Year Without Clothes […]

Getting the Most From Your Wardrobe: Colour Combining, Part 2

This post follows on from part 1 where I provided some personal examples of how I use, combine and enjoy colour in my wardrobe. In this, the second and final part of this article, I’m going to provide you with my best tips for getting the most out of your wardrobe when it comes to colour. […]