Shop Your Wardrobe Strategies

Fabulous Fashionistas

This documentary trailer showcases six women with an average age of mid 80s and their fabulous approach to style, aging and being gorgeous.  Along with Advanced Style, this would have to be one of the most inspirational and relevant pieces I have come across in recent times when it comes to true style, living life in […]

I Dare You!

One of the great joys of shopping your wardrobe is to Go Daring. To create an ensemble that’s a bit risky, a bit outside the boundaries of what you usually wear, that feels a bit daring to wear. Clothes should be fun and clothes should offer choices.  There’s absolutely no need to buy something new […]

The Hidden Magic Lurking in your Closet

Most women wear 20 – 30% of their wardrobes.  Have you heard that before?  It’s a much quoted statistic in the personal style world, and I’ve been asking women in presentations and workshops if they believe it’s true. I’ll ask for a show of hands — “how many of you wear about 20 – 30% […]

We Don’t Wear What We Can’t See: The Importance of an Organised Wardrobe

Why is having an organised wardrobe essential to shopping in it?  What are a professional organiser’s top tips for organising your wardrobe?  And how do you get started with organising your wardrobe? For many women who overshop, or have overshopped, one of the reasons they continue to add, add, add is because they can’t see […]

I Love You… Again!

One of the reasons some women overshop is because they have a high need for novelty and variety, and shopping offers so many opportunities for stimulation.  There’s so much to look at, to touch, to smell, to surround yourself with. There’s other people around, store clerks to talk with, other shoppers to commune with (or […]

How Does THIS Make You Feel?

I’m a big believer in wearing clothing that makes you feel great.  The ideal scenario is clothing that makes you both look and feel great, but so often we subordinate the feeling great piece to the looking great part (or if you’re the reverse, then it can be an interesting experiment to put looking good […]

Common Items Women Buy But Just Don’t Wear

ItemThis article is the second in a series – if you want to catch up on the first article, click here. I was asked in a recent interview for a large fashion and style blog what the common items women buy that they just don’t wear.  My answer was shortened for that piece, so here’s […]

Fashion Failures: Why ‘Single Event’ Outfits Never Work

I recently attended a fashion festival with my mum. It was a chance to have some together time, and was a very girly day with three fashion shows, each a ‘composite’ event showcasing five or six designers’ work.  We saw a wide range of clothing (all in stores, available for immediate purchase) from swimwear to bridal wear.  Sometimes it […]

33 Ways to Cull Your Closet

The inspiration for this week’s post came about from two sources.  Firstly, I was in touch with someone on our Facebook page who shared with me:  I have a quandary…. my wardrobe contains the results of years of steady accumulation, and I am at a loss how to fix it – how do I pull my wardrobe back […]

How Much Do You Wear (And Waste)?

Today I’d like to ask you how much of your existing wardrobe you wear.  Is it 10%? 50%? 90%? One of our current My Year Without Clothes Shopping members is taking her year on the program to analyse this.  She’s using a system to track the items she is actually wearing (she turns the hangers […]