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What a Shopping Ban Can Teach You

Today’s post is from Sally McGraw who instituted a self-imposed shopping ban on herself in an effort to knock off her particular shopping dragon. Everything you’re about to read is true.  And since there’s no better person than a communications specialist with a flair for storytelling to do the telling, I’ll hand over to Sally right […]

Freeing Fashion – An Interview with Laura de Jong

Welcome to another Profile of an inspiring woman who is slaying her shopping dragon.  I asked Laura de Jong some penetrating questions about the Free Fashion Challenge she initiated late 2010.  Well I thought they were pentrating.  Here’s what she said: What is the primary motivation behind Free Fashion Challenge? Why did you want to do it? […]

If You Don’t Love It, Leave it Alone

  Welcome to another profile of a fabulous woman who has slain her shopping dragon. This week we welcome Australian author Neradine Tisaj to the Shop Your Wardrobe blog.  Neradine and I caught up recently and here’s the skinny on what we talked about. What your shopping issue was about? I first became aware of it when I applied […]

Shopping to Ease the Pain

Avis Cardella This week we welcome Avis Cardella.  Whom we were fortunate enough to have as a guest writer here on thisee-here blog not so long ago (if you missed her post, click here to catch up). Avis knows a thing or two about shopping dragons.  And the slaying therewith.  I put a handful of […]

Is There Life Outside the Mall?

This is the first of our Profile pieces for the 2011 blog.  We have some amazing women lined up to talk to this year – women who have slain their shopping dragon or are in the process of doing it.  Throughout the year, we’ll learn a lot from these wonderful women – what they discovered in […]