Interviews and Profiles

Talking with Imogen Lamport about Shopping Your Wardrobe

In this in-depth discussion, Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style Blog and I discuss my book, Shop Your Wardrobe, and our shared love and enduring interest in style and how shopping your wardrobe can be a key strategy you use to have more fun with your style. Watch the Video Please note that the video […]

Talking Live about Overshopping

I was interviewed by Dr Robi Ludwig in her Talking Live series about the book and overshopping as an issue and its disruptive effect on my life, and so many lives.  One of the best interviews I have ever done, you can watch the interview in full here.  

The Story of My Life, Part 3

In the first and second parts of this post, I shared how the story of my life came to be chosen as worthy of being told by Australia’s premier film school, and day 1 of filming. You can catch up on part 1 here and part 2 here. We pick up the story on day […]

The Story of My Life, Part 2

In the first part of this post, I shared how the story of my life came to be chosen as worthy of being told by Australia’s premier film school.  You can catch up here. So I’m picking up the story after all the preparation and when filming actually commenced. There were two filming days – […]

The Story of My Life, Part 1

Long before the lads of boy band phenomena One Direction exploded onto the scene and told us the story of their young lives (very toe tapping, that song), some of us over 30 have been reflecting on our own lives. I got to reflect on my life, at least a portion of it, recently when […]

What a Shopping Ban Can Teach You

Today’s post is from Sally McGraw who instituted a self-imposed shopping ban on herself in an effort to knock off her particular shopping dragon. Everything you’re about to read is true.  And since there’s no better person than a communications specialist with a flair for storytelling to do the telling, I’ll hand over to Sally right […]

If You Don’t Love It, Leave it Alone

  Welcome to another profile of a fabulous woman who has slain her shopping dragon. This week we welcome Australian author Neradine Tisaj to the Shop Your Wardrobe blog.  Neradine and I caught up recently and here’s the skinny on what we talked about. What your shopping issue was about? I first became aware of it when I applied […]

Shopping to Ease the Pain

Avis Cardella This week we welcome Avis Cardella.  Whom we were fortunate enough to have as a guest writer here on thisee-here blog not so long ago (if you missed her post, click here to catch up). Avis knows a thing or two about shopping dragons.  And the slaying therewith.  I put a handful of […]