Shopping in the Movies and Media

The Illusion of New

Today’s post is inspired (although provoked is probably a more accurate word) from a piece I read recently in a magazine.  It was one of those paper-thin, stapled weekly women’s magazines.  You know the sort – heavy on celebrity sightings and gossip, low on quality stories over 500 words long.  I must have been in the […]

A Year Without Clothes Shopping on TODAY

Hello and welcome to another Movies and Media blog posting for 2011…  I’ve seen a few movies lately (most recently, Limitless and the Lincoln Lawyer — apparently movies that start with the letter L are the only ones I’ll watch).  I haven’t found any particular links to shopping, fashion, style, consumption, identity or so forth […]

How Keeping Up with The Jones’s Can Kill You

Imagine if 1984 and The Devil Wears Prada were to procreate and create a movie love child.  That movie would be “The Jones” –  a 2009 film that tells the story of the “perfect” nuclear family.  Steve and Kate, played by David Duchovny and Demi Moore, are the impossibly beautiful perfect couple who move into a swish […]