Shopping in the Movies and Media

The Story of My Life, Part 3

In the first and second parts of this post, I shared how the story of my life came to be chosen as worthy of being told by Australia’s premier film school, and day 1 of filming. You can catch up on part 1 here and part 2 here. We pick up the story on day […]

The Story of My Life, Part 2

In the first part of this post, I shared how the story of my life came to be chosen as worthy of being told by Australia’s premier film school.  You can catch up here. So I’m picking up the story after all the preparation and when filming actually commenced. There were two filming days – […]

The Story of My Life, Part 1

Long before the lads of boy band phenomena One Direction exploded onto the scene and told us the story of their young lives (very toe tapping, that song), some of us over 30 have been reflecting on our own lives. I got to reflect on my life, at least a portion of it, recently when […]

Is Shopping Wrecking Your Life? Musings from The Project

This week, I was fortunate enough to be included in a story about shopping addictions on a very funky show here in Australia called The Project.  It airs at 6pm Sundays through Fridays and is a news and comedy show that is presented in a panel format.  It’s news, but not as we usually know […]

Do Shopping Addictions Really Exist?

Sometimes people ask me this question: do shopping addictions really exist? Sometimes this question is asked outright, in words very similar to those.  Sometimes it is asked without any words being spoken, and the question is there in the lift of an eyebrow when I tell people what I do with my time and my […]

Inheriting a Shopping Addiction

Recently I was asked if I thought whether shopping addictions were genetic or learned. The Daily Mail in the UK posted an article about whether shopping behaviours were in the genes.  I’m sure I spelled that last word correctly. It sure sparked some interesting comments on the Daily Mail site, and it must’ve pricked the ears […]

Wearing Nothing New

I so enjoyed this short TED talk from ‘color loving’ Brooklyn designer Jessi Arrington that I’m making it today’s blog posting.  In this less than 6 minute talk, Jessi shares these key messages: It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to look good.  You can look good for less than $50. If you […]

What Men Can Teach Us About Shopping

Yes, you read the title correctly: what men can teach us about shopping. The commonly accepted school of thought is that women are the shoppers and men are the collectors. So this recent study conducted by a British firm and reported in TIME caught my attention. It says some interesting stuff about impulse buys (women’s […]

The Illusion of New

Today’s post is inspired (although provoked is probably a more accurate word) from a piece I read recently in a magazine.  It was one of those paper-thin, stapled weekly women’s magazines.  You know the sort – heavy on celebrity sightings and gossip, low on quality stories over 500 words long.  I must have been in the […]

A Year Without Clothes Shopping on TODAY

  Yesterday I appeared on Australia’s TODAY show to talk about my year without clothes shopping.  There’s a lot of lead-up to these appearances.  It takes days, sometimes weeks, of contact with the producer to provide them with the background info they want and need.  And in this case, they also wanted some photos of me […]