I Am Happiest When [No.32]

Happiness must be one of the most written and talked about topics on the globe.  Perhaps because it is written into the constitution of one of the most powerful countries in the world (along with life and liberty, the pursuit of happiness is considered a la important and an unalienable right as described in the US […]

I Am Happiest When [No.31]

The power and wisdom of going with the flow I’m a perserverer.  I stick at things. I’ve had to learn the hard way (oh the irony!) of learning the power of going with the flow. There’s a lot of research to support the approach of working to your strengths, and not trying to work on […]

I Am Happiest When [No.30]

Well the truth is I haven’t been happy lately.  There, I’ve said it. If happiness were a wagon, I would have had a definite “falling off” experience lately. It happens that sometimes I become overwhelmed with life.  It all seems to come crashing down on me, in one big heavy heap. In these moments, I feel […]

I Am Happiest When [No.29]

“I know I’ll never be happy – but at least I can be high spirited” These words were attributed to Marilyn Monroe in the ‘lost’ (then found again, 40 years later) transcripts of her sessions with her psychoanalyst Dr Ralph Greenson.  Dr Greenson freely admitted that not only did he believe psychoanalysis had not helped […]

I Am Happiest When [No.28]

It hasn’t turned out quite the way I imagined What I’ve noticed about this exploration into the landscape of happiness, which I’m now in my second half of, is that it hasn’t turned out that I’m happy all the time.  I wasn’t sure what I’d discover when I started on this journey in December last […]

I Am Happiest When [No.27]

Being comfortable with who you are I’ve been reading a lot about women who are comfortable in their skin.  And how attractive that makes her, no matter how smooth her skin is, how glossy her hair is, or how close to her measurements when she was 21 her body now is. This has become an […]

I Am Happiest When [No.26]

It’s been half a year since I started this experiment into the landscape of happiness, and choosing happy.  I’ve written every Saturday since I started the challenge – about my experiences, my observations, my perspectives, and my learnings about happiness. It has been quite a fascinating ride so far. I started this challenge because I […]

I Am Happiest When [No.25]

Patience is a virtue My, how I hated that sentiment growing up.  I have the patience of a gnat, so the idea of having to wait for something to happen, particularly something good or exciting, exasperated me as a child and teenager.  And young adult.  And older adult. I’m still struggling with patience.  Waiting for […]

I Am Happiest When [No.24]

Knowing when to let go A wonderful and liberating quote I read recently was “Sometimes you don’t realise the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release”. I loved this.  Especially because I’m a perseverer, and I stick at things.  I believe in not giving up, and I’m very loyal – […]

I Am Happiest When [No.23]

 If you knew you were being guided I read something online recently that said, “If you knew you were being guided [by a universal force/God/spirit], would you listen more?” I thought that was such an interesting question, and potentially life changing, or at least habit changing. If I knew that there was a force greater […]