I Am Happiest When [No.52]

Wow what a year this has been, this year of choosing happy.  I remember standing in my mother’s kitchen 51 weeks and 5 days ago, caught in an internal anguish I could barely articulate, and didn’t really want to admit to, just wanting the pain to be over. Just wanting to feel better about my […]

I Am Happiest When [No.51]

I recently had an opportunity to test how this “thoughts in-thoughts out” process can work when it’s truly tested.  Sure, when things are going well, it’s easy to see how we can let our thoughts drift away without over-managing them so they are always positive.  When skies are sunny it’s easy to rest in the […]

I Am Happiest When [No.50]

Some people make us feel great about ourselves when we’re around them.  Sadly this is not true of everybody in our lives – others make us feel like we’re wasting our lives, are wrong or off or unappealing in some important way, or just rub us up the wrong way. Such is the nature of life […]

I Am Happiest When [No.49]

Letting Thoughts Go One of the things that some experts in the field of happiness talk about a lot is the power to let your thoughts go. To let go of repetitive and often negative thought patterns that keep you trapped in a cycle of thinking unhappy thoughts, which then lead to feeling unhappy feelings. […]

I Am Happiest When [No.48]

The Power of Vacations Recently I had to do some research on the value of holidays, for a client project.  I discovered some interesting facts: Holidays are as important as sleep The health impacts of holidays include lowered blood pressure, increased sleep quality, and an improved sense of wellbeing and resilience A US study found […]

I Am Happiest When [No.47]

The Power of No I’ve always known there is great power in saying no.  That sometimes we get our best YES’s when we have said NO to something, or someone. But there’s a big difference between knowing something, and doing it. I’ve often found it difficult to say no.  It has somehow felt combative or […]

I Am Happiest When [No.46]

I am looking toward happy It’s an amazing thing about perspective.  The direction in which you look makes all the difference to what you see.  As blindingly obvious as this is when you see it written down, it can be excruciatingly difficult to put into practice, if it’s greater happiness you wish to experience. Depending […]

I Am Happiest When [No.45]

The loss of innocence Some say that unhappiness is highly correlated with the loss of innocence.  The loss of innocence often happens as a transition from being a child to being an adult, and is often associated with the realisation of the harsh realities of life.  Sometimes the loss of innocence comes with a traumatic […]

I Am Happiest When [No.44]

I’m quiet inside I’ve learned that a great deal about the interior nature of being happy.  Sure, our happiness levels can fluctuate when exterior events occur – when something unexpectedly good happens we get a lift in our mood and feelings of happiness, and when something awful and terrible happens we can feel low and flat.  […]

I Am Happiest When [No.43]

I am running my own game When I focus on my own game, what I am doing, what I am learning, what I am enjoying, what I have in my life, what I’m looking forward to, what today is all about, what challenges I am stepping up to meet – then life seems good.  Full.  […]