Fashion, Style and Shopping

Why Nothing Will Ever Feel Like Shopping

I’ve met many women who shop too much by their own estimation who say they want to find something that replaces shopping not only in their behaviour but in the hearts and minds as well. They are looking for the high that shopping brings. They’re seeking to get the sizzle, the spice, the excitement, the […]

The Devious Devices Home Shopping Shows Use To Make You Buy

I’m fascinated by home shopping shows.  Maybe you didn’t know this about me, but its true.  These shows are like watching B comedy movies or classic television shows from the 1970s to me.  They’re an intriguing spectacle, and I often find myself marvelling at what I’m seeing – could they really be saying that?  Don’t […]

What Are We Waiting For?

This is an article co-authored with me by Fabia Pryor, a sustainable fashion consultant and advocate.  Fabia and I were both amazed and somewhat perplexed by a recent global clothing chain opening in Melbourne, and wanted to share our thoughts on how it happened, why it happened, and some of the things it signifies about fashion, […]

The Power of Accessories

I’ve been pondering a lot about style lately, and what makes a woman stylish. There’s a lot to this question, and ultimately it is a deeply personal one.  What is stylish to me may be garish or dull or crazy to you. But one thing that has struck me is how important the details are.  […]

“I Don’t Care What You Wear”

On March 10, Clinton Kelly, one of the co-hosts of the television style show What Not To Wear (US version), posted an update on his Facebook wall. Since posting, it has been shared nearly 3,000 times, Liked nearly 38,000 times, and received nearly 3,000 comments in response. That’s a lot of love for one post. When […]

Age and Beauty

The team that brought us Advanced Style has created this marvellous short video, showcasing older women with tremendous style. They are so comfortable in their own skin, they are so delightful to listen to (short pithy wisdom is some of my favourite kind of wisdom) and they are a visual treat. And they’re all over […]

What is Style? Iris Apfel Interview

This short but punchy interview with Iris Apfel had a real impact on me.  She doesn’t say too much – her answers are quite short, but full of wisdom.  Iris Apfel really came to prominence, in a global way, in 2005, when she was 83.  That is one of the stunning aspects of Ms Apfel’s life – […]

Does Size Matter?

Many women worry about the size in the label of the clothing they buy, and have in their wardrobes. It’s like the size on the labels of our clothing is some kind of report card.  The bigger the number, the lower our score. I’ve asked women at workshops, on social media, and at bubbly lunches […]

Liberating Your Style Insight

Style is an inside job. I believe fashion creates and reinforces our focus on the external, and style does the opposite – it brings our focus and attention to the internal. I’ve written about this before a few times (most recently here) and wanted to give you some tips to help you explore and liberate […]

The Difference Between A Good Idea and An Insight

I’m experimenting with and learning about happiness and discovering just how much I don’t know about the true source of happiness.  Life is far too short to be on a rollercoaster where sometimes you’re happy and a lot of the times you’re not, so I’m deliberately immersing myself in the landscape of happiness, to see […]