Helpful Books and Resources

The Secret Lives of Clothes

  I recently finished reading the delightful book  The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin McKean.  It chronicles the hapless Dora who is drawn back to her home town when her grandmother, who raised her, has a stroke. Mimi owns a vintage boutique in town, and has been writing the “secret lives” of her stock.  […]

Tangible and Intangible Value

When you join a program like My Year Without Clothing, it can be easy to focus on the purely tangible value — literally “what will I get?”.  The tangible value is important, sure.  It’s just not the only value that My Year Without Clothing offers.  Here’s the full story: 1.  Tangible Value.  This is the physical and digital […]

How Finished Are You?

  One of Shop Your Wardrobe’s phenomenal faculty is Imogen Lamport.  Imogen is one stylish lady and not only does she know how to pull her own look together, she knows how to show us how to as well. Imogen is the author of a fabulous blog (Inside Out Style) and of four (4) books on everything […]

Addicted to Shopping

  Addicted to Shopping is a book that I found uplifting in the end, but it had a few bumpy parts as I was reading it.  The author, Karen O’Connor, is an experienced writer – over 40 publications.  She is also a Christian and that theme is woven through her book on nearly every page.  If you are […]

Why Women Shop

Why Women Shop by Stella Minahan and Michael Beverland is a generous book.  Stella and Michael work for Universities (Stella at Deakin and Michael at Melbourne) and their collaboration is a research-based expose on the motivations behind women’s shopping activities. Having read a few books coming out of acadaemia, I wasn’t sure what to expect with […]