Body Image, Self Care and Self Awareness

Who Are You? 21 Ways of Seeing Yourself

Identity and how we see ourselves is an intriguing topic.  So many of the choices we make in life can be traced back to our self-identity – how we see and experience ourselves, what we believe about ourselves, what we think we can and cannot do, what we believe we do and do not stand […]

How I Lost My ‘Spare Tyre’

Over the summer, I put on a little bit of weight.  This seems to be a fairly common thing for folks enjoying all that the Christmas holiday break has to offer.  I heard Nigella Lawson, the English food writer and broadcaster, exhorting us to remember that Christmas is a time of “feasting, not fasting” which may […]

Stop Being So Mean!

I was talking to a dear friend recently who’d been taking a trip down memory lane.  She had been looking through old photo albums and came across her honeymoon photos.  She was telling me that as she looked at photos of herself in a bathing suit lying on some sun drenched beach, she marvelled at […]