Body Image, Self Care and Self Awareness

The Most Beautiful Woman

The other day I was skipping through the channels on TV when I caught the music channel.  k.d. lang was singing Hallelujah. I’d heard this song before of course, it’s a very evocative and beautiful song, and I love it and how it makes me feel when I hear it. But this time I noticed […]

No Body Is Perfect

This video made me cry.  It touched something magical and vulnerable within me. The video was made by an organisation called Pro Infirmis, who work with those who are non able bodied (they call them disabled, a term that seems to be politically incorrect in many circles these days). This video shows the making of […]

You Are Beautiful

In this beautiful short video, we are reminded with words, images and music of our essential beautifulness.  Thank you to the creator of this exquisite video, Karen Walrond from The Beauty of Different, for creating this video (and the book). You are beautiful.  Exactly as you are, who you are, today. Top 10 things to remember […]

Are You Beautiful?

I had the enormous pleasure and privilege of working with a client recently, a heart-centred entrepreneur, who is in the process of updating her website and having her professional photograph taken as part of the site’s renovation. We talked for quite a while about this photo session, which she has been dreading.  When we started exploring […]

What Happens When You’re Here?

This is an intriguing concept I learned from my friend and colleague Pam Fox Rollin from IdeaShape.  She asks:  what happens when you’re here? Pam encourages us to consider what comes with us when we walk into a room  – what does our presence evoke, catalyse, cause? She also asks us to consider our personal qualities […]

Self Care – Inspiration and Exploration

In the final articles in this 3-part series on self care, we’ll explore the third type of self care you might be looking for – inspiration and exploration. And if you missed the second in this series on rest and rejuvenation, you can catch up here. Self care is a daily way to maintain wellness […]

Self Care – Resting and Rejuvenating

In the second in this 3-part series on creating more self care in your daily life, we’ll turn our attention to rest and rejuvenation.  And if you missed the first article in this series on sensing and connecting, you can catch up here. Self care is about daily wellbeing.  It’s not about what your wellbeing […]

Self Care – Sensing and Connecting

In a recent article about tailoring your self care routine, I proposed that the first step in creating and sustaining a self care routine is to determine what’s missing from your life and therefore what kind of self care you need. In this 3-part series, I’m going to take you through 3 kinds of self-care you might want to […]

Tailoring your Self Care Routine

Self care and self kindness are critical when you are journeying back from any unhealthy or addictive behaviour, like a compulsion to overshop.  Many of us who have overshopped live with a constant hum of self-dislike or even self loathing – were we to be utterly honest with ourselves.  It’s one of the reasons that […]

Hello Hips! A letter to my body

I’ve been thinking a lot about body image, and specifically the thoughts and feelings we hold about our bodies.  In writing the material on how to feel good while losing weight for Svelte in Style , I did a lot of reflecting on the messages we hold, and hang onto about our physical form. I […]