Attitudes and Habits

Shopping And The Six Human Needs

What drives human behaviour has long fascinated us – everyone from philosophers, writers, therapists, politicians, comedians, coaches, bosses, parents, spouses, marketers, business owners have been intrigued by what makes people behave the way they do.  In fact, it’s hard to think of a field of human endeavour where some understanding of what drives human behaviour isn’t […]

Partners in Crime: How Who You Shop With Affects Your Shopping Behaviour

Who do you shop with? How does being with them, or being alone if you mainly shop solo, affect your shopping behaviour? We know environment and who we surround ourselves with impacts us, changes us.  But many of us have probably not given much thought to how who we shop with affects our own shopping […]

The Three Stages of Conscious Shopping

In this video post, Imogen Lamport, my friend and colleague, discuss conscious shopping . I meet many women who want to shop better, shop smarter, and shop with less hassle.  They want to feel good about the shopping they choose to do. In this video we discuss what conscious shopping is, the three stages of […]

How We Can Become Better Shoppers

This is the third and final article in a series.  In an upcoming article for a large fashion and style blog, I was asked what the common mistakes are that women make when shopping (for that first article click here), what common items women purchase that they just don’t wear (and for the second article click […]

Life Changing Small Steps

Many of us who have tried to change something in our lives get overwhelmed.  Confused.  Frustrated.  Anxious. Worried. Concerned.  Stressed.  Angry. It isn’t pretty. We can get caught up in the hugeness of it all.  Especially if your challenge feels like the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest.  You can, quite reasonably, ask yourself:  How can […]

Give Up or Go On? 8 Unorthodox Suggestions For Handling The Struggle

I’ve been thinking lately about the nature of our lives and our experience when things are challenging, or perhaps less euphemistically, hard, difficult, awful. What do we do and where do we go when we’re in the midst of struggle? We all love a great Triumph Over Adversity story. It’s a universal tale and conjures up […]

Massage or New Shoes? Why Experiences are Better Than Things

I’ve been pondering lately the value of experiences over things.  In recent research, we’ve learned how much more memorable and satisfying experiences are than material goods. Last week, in an effort to regain some buoyancy to my flagging energy, I took radical action – I decided to take the afternoon off every day from Tuesday […]

How One Small Decision Can Save You

Here’s something else I discovered the enormous power of recently:  the power of making one small decision. How making just one small decision can lead you down a path that helps you, or one that hinders (or even hurts) you. Here’s what happened I was driving home from a lunch with friends and was thinking about […]

Simple Pleasures

At times of upheaval and change in my life lately – some visible on the surface, others burbling away where nobody sees them – I can feel the reverberations in many parts of my life.  Like a stone dropping in a pond, change and disruption can reach into the furthest regions of your life, and it […]

Lessons From My Grandmother

My grandmother was born in 1919 and was a child of the great depression.  She married young – at 18 – and raised her 3 daughters (the middle of which was my mother) pre-, during and post- WWII. When my grandmother died in 2012, I got this photo of her aged 16, taken in 1935.  […]