Attitudes and Habits

If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail

At a recent creative writing masterclass, we were asked to write about what we would do, or attempt, if we knew we could not fail. Even the question got me scratching my head, before I even considered what my answer might be.  For a start, the concept of failure.  What is failure?  At the very […]

The Power of Accessories

I’ve been pondering a lot about style lately, and what makes a woman stylish. There’s a lot to this question, and ultimately it is a deeply personal one.  What is stylish to me may be garish or dull or crazy to you. But one thing that has struck me is how important the details are.  […]

Why I Buy

I don’t shop so much lately.  Certainly not in comparison to the rate and regularity I was shopping at before I started my year without clothes shopping in mid December 2009. And my shopping has not only changed in terms of how often I shop, but why I shop, when I choose to do so. Good […]

It’s All Trial and Error: The Real Secret to Getting The Most From Your Closet

Clothing, and getting dressed, should be fun. I believe this with  my whole heart and soul. The truly stylish people I’ve ever seen dress for themselves – to express themselves, to wear something that just makes them feel good. And they have an attitude that it doesn’t really matter what other people think. I love […]

3 Articles That Made Me Think

I’m fortunate to find articles that write intelligently and thought provokingly on topics of consumption, style, fashion and clothing, body image, and communication.  Three such articles recently have come to my attention and I’d like to share them with you here.   You. Ms Greedy. Just Stop It. This piece by Catherine Deveny, an Australian […]

Experiment – Don’t Assess

When you attempt to learn something new, or change a habit (either ridding yourself of a bad habit, or trying to institute a new good habit), the attitude you have makes all the difference in the world to how successful you’ll be, and what your experience will be like as you travel this new path. […]

The Difference Between A Good Idea and An Insight

I’m experimenting with and learning about happiness and discovering just how much I don’t know about the true source of happiness.  Life is far too short to be on a rollercoaster where sometimes you’re happy and a lot of the times you’re not, so I’m deliberately immersing myself in the landscape of happiness, to see […]

The Power of Fear

Fear comes up in an over-shopping context a lot.  It’s one of the drivers of over- and compuslive shopping, and it’s one of the most common emotions that women who are grapping with their own shopping dragons face. We fear that we can’t change – that our shopping habits are too big, too entrenched, too […]

Don’t Go Shopping (Just Yet)!

Dr Adam Fraser is an interesting man doing interesting things.  He’s a peak performance coach, which means he helps people dig deep and do more than they thought they could.  He’s a researcher and writer, working in conjunction with an Australian university to understand how the simple things make a profound impact in our daily […]

Shopping And The Six Human Needs Part 2

What drives human behaviour?  Why do we behave the way we do?  What ‘sits beneath’ our behaviour?  If we don’t understand what drives our own behaviour, and that of others, it’s almost impossible to change or influence that behaviour. Whether you’re a boss, a marketer or a parent (to mention only a small handful of […]