Tangible and Intangible Value

Posted by Jill Chivers in Helpful Books and Resources

When you join a program like My Year Without Clothing, it can be easy to focus on the purely tangible value — literally “what will I get?”.  The tangible value is important, sure.  It’s just not the only value that My Year Without Clothing offers.  Here’s the full story:

1.  Tangible Value.  This is the physical and digital things you receive throughout the program.  Every week you receive a two-part tutorial, based on that month’s theme.  You get instant access to the bulletin board forums where you can ask questions and receive 1:1 support.  You receive material from 16 world-class experts, who have been brought together specifically and exclusively for this program (you won’t find them together anywhere else, in any other program).  These are the items of tangible value you receive from the program.

2. Intangible Value.  This is value you can’t see or touch or download or print out, but may represent the greatest value you receive from participating in the program.  Such as the sense of accomplishment when you have a small (or large) win and overcome a shopping problem that has been dogging you for years.   The inspiration you’ll receive every week; the accountability that the program will give you.  How empowered you’ll feel when you have control over your shopping and you only shop when you choose to – not when you are compelled to.  These are only a few items of intangible value you’ll receive by participating in the program.

You’ll find more about the two types of value this program will deliver to you here.

The reasons you join us and the reasons you stay with the challenge all the way through may be different – we know that.  We’ve done everything we can think of (and we spend hours, days, thinking about how to give you the best possible earthly value) to create an empowering, doable, life-enhancing experience with this program.  We just want to share it with you.

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