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Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight is on the way!

This new e-book was created for women already on a weight loss journey or those about to start on one.  It’s your secret weapon on your weight loss journey and it’s for practical women who know losing weight isn’t all just about dropping the inches, pounds, centimetres or kilograms.

Svelte in Style:

  • Is an instantly downloadable e-book. As soon as your payment goes through, you will be taken to a download page where you can download the e-book. You can then save and print it out, and use it over and over again.
  • Is provided in PDF format, which simply means it is an electronic book that you can read on your tablet or computer (or print out).
  • Is full of exercises and activities to get you moving in the direction of looking and feeling great while you are losing weight.
  • Contains two main sections: How to Feel Great written by me.  This section delves into your emotions, self-talk, beliefs and habits that may be sabotaging your weight health and gives you a range of doable solutions you can start doing right now to improve your self-care and self-belief…..  and How to Look Great written by image consultant and style blogger Imogen Lamport which shows you how to dress your body as it’s changing shape.
  • Packed full of images and illustrations to bring to show you exactly what to wear.
  • Is a How To guide – it is intended to be not only read, but used as a workbook where you take action and do the exercises suggested.
  • Contains two bonus sections – How to Eat Healthily by guest contributor Annette Sym and How to Exercise Healthily by guest contributor Amanda Cox.

This e-book is about looking and feeling great and the enormous difference both those things can make to your emotional state and your success in losing weight.

Launching 24 July!

I’ll be giving you the special launch price next Wednesday 24 July, which will be available for one week only.  Stay tuned!

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