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It’s a great pleasure to share with you today a new e-course from my precious friend and admired colleague, Jo Shiers.

Tell us about your new e-course!

The e-course has been an absolute labour of love over the past six to nine months. I have created a practical, easy to follow guide for people to push the pause button and do a stocktake of how life is working for them. This workbook and e-course provides a clear path for you to create your own stylish life. It provides a roadmap for you to follow in assessing and re-evaluating core aspects of your life. It provides you with thought provoking activities you can take – in big or small steps – to get you moving in the direction you choose.

Its about giving yourself permission and opportunity to stop and evaluate whether you are living authentically and stylishly? Too often our everyday life gets in the way. And before we know it, we don’t know who we are or where we fit in. Nothing is as we would have designed it – it’s all happened by chance or happenstance.

If you are seeking something new or more – a new experience, new information, new ideas, options, possibilities, starting points. These may be big or small. They may be crystal clear or not quite clear, or completely unclear. This e-course is a first step. First steps are necessary, but not sufficient. What I mean by that is you can’t leap to the final stop without passing by step 1. Every journey does indeed begin with the first step, and from there, many things are possible.

The e-course for creating the stylish life of your own design

The e-course for creating the stylish life of your own design

Who and what inspired you?

My inspiration came from a few different sources over a number of years. I am an Image Consultant and I see woman everyday wanting to either be educated in how to dress more stylishly and in a way that reflects their true personality.

The most interesting and challenging part of that process is when I ask my clients to think about, write down and then articulate verbally to me who they really feel they are, what sort of person are they, how do they want to be perceived, are they being completely honest with themselves when they are faced with these questions. I can see the stress, bewilderment and blank stares in their faces because they don’t know how to answer the questions openly, honestly and authentically.

In order for me to help them achieve their goals they must first be able to identify with their authentic self. It wasn’t just my clients that face this lack of confident but when I asked some of my close friends they too were at a loss as to easily identify who they are – not what they do but who they are and if they are living a life of authenticity. So you can see my inspiration came from all the different people I interact with on a daily basis.

What do you hope the e-course will do – who will it inspire? How will it help them?

The first thing you need to do my e-course is have trust in me to deliver what I have promised and I can assure you your trust is well placed, I will not let you down but there is something even more important that trust in me – it’s having trust in yourself that you are ready, open and worthy to learn about the authentic you!

The Living Your Life Stylishly e-course will inspire people who want to take charge of their lives. It will inspire those people that are seeking answers as to what are the stumbling blocks in their life that is holding them back. They will realize what motivates them, what makes them happy, what is working in their life right now and equally any areas that are not working.

The e-course will show you just how much control you do have for your own happiness, success and contentment in your personal life, your clothing style and in your home. No other person in your life can give you that – for it to be authentic it must come from you and that is why this e-course is so powerful.

Jo Shiers - the ultimate role model in living a stylish life

Jo Shiers – the ultimate role model in living a stylish life

What’s next – where to from here? 

When you are in alignment with what is working for you in your life, it feels so good and empowering and you want to hang on to that feeling forever. Very soon I will be offering Part II of “Living Your Life Stylishly “ which will be a one-hour private consultation via Skype with me. In that session we will be closing the loop on everything you have gained from completing the course and work on an action plan for your goals or aspirations.

How can people find out more and sign up?

You can read more about the e-course, Living Your Life Stylishly, and sign up here.

The vivacious, generous and oh so stylish Jo Shiers

The vivacious, generous and oh so stylish Jo Shiers

Jo Shiers is The Style Adviser.  She guides women to successfully navigate their lives, accept and appreciate who they are, and express their personality and purpose with style. Jo helps her clients to redefine who they are, to take courageous action, and to have the confidence to stand up and be heard. Jo believes that so many things are possible for women in their 40′s,  50′s, 60′s and beyond.  To seek adventure, to be curious, to expand choices, to redesign lives, to dream.

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