You Are Beautiful

Posted by Jill Chivers in Body Image, Self Care and Self Awareness, Videos

In this beautiful short video, we are reminded with words, images and music of our essential beautifulness.  Thank you to the creator of this exquisite video, Karen Walrond from The Beauty of Different, for creating this video (and the book).

You are beautiful.  Exactly as you are, who you are, today.

Top 10 things to remember about how beautiful you are:

  1. There are differences – but no flaws.
  2. There’s only one fashion rule – if it makes you feel fabulous, wear it.
  3. Be willing to be vulnerable, so you can also fully experience joy.
  4. Control your own perspective; perspective is everything.
  5. Confidence is sexy.
  6. Breathe.  Deeply and every day.
  7. Express yourself.  Often, kindly, and without apology.
  8. The adventure is in the attempt. Embrace possibility.
  9. To remain youthful, never stop looking for the wonderful.
  10. Create your own story.  Never let others create it for you.
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