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30 Day Shop Your Wardrobe Challenge

Are you on board with the idea of shopping your own wardrobe, but not sure how to go about it? Want to really explore the hidden mileage and magic lurking in your wardrobe but need some inspiration and ideas on where to start?

This special challenge gives you a place to start with shopping your own wardrobe. It’s a free challenge, with absolutely no cost to you to download and participate in this 30 day challenge. And you don’t have to join our mailing list either. I’m providing this free special challenge to you because I want to inspire women to become more connected with what they already have rather than continue to search for that elusive perfect outfit or item in the stores.

So stop the intake, explore and play in your wardrobe, and reconnect with what you already have.

30 Day Shop Your Wardrobe Challenge

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Hi Jill,

Thank you for the great challenge! I’ve done it twice; first in the posted order and am now finishing up the second time. This is where I’ve written out the daily challenges on small slips of paper, then do a random drawing out of a jar. It has been so entertaining and stretched my comfort zone of what I can combine/wear successfully from my closet.

I took up the 30 day challenge in December. My day job is Monday – Thursday, so I did the outfit combinations during those “public” contact days. Friday – Sunday are studio/home times, so I wore the home uniform. By doing it this way, it extended the challenge through the winter; a time when typically, I would buy some items to break up the boredom with my clothes.

It’s amazing the combos of outfits I “missed” because of my habitual pairings. The best new discovery in my closet – plum jeans. Who knew plum could be such a great neutral?!? Before taking up the challenge, I was not comfortable with color on the bottom half but now, bring on those turquoise and peach jeans for spring!

I encourage anyone to do this exercise.  You’ll discover you can wear anything for a day and will be amazed at finding hidden outfits in your closet.

Best regards,


Paula Christen Watercolors




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